Gluten-Free: Where to Begin?!

I’m pretty sure my 3 year old, Gibby, is gluten sensitive or gluten intolerant. Two of my other children have me wondering whether they have a few issues with it too. Without giving T.M.I., their various poo issues are what has me most concerned about gluten sensitivity/intolerance. I was sort of hoping they’d grow out of it over time but my little Gibby seems to be growing more sensitive and intolerant of gluten as the months go on and I’m a bit concerned.

So, today is grocery shopping today and I’m not only on a mission to stick to real food purchases but now gluten-free purchases. I’ve spent some reading over some gluten-free bloggers recipes for ideas because I don’t know very much about gluten-free living and I’ve never purposely sought out or prepared gluten-free foods before. Thank goodness for these people and their killer blogs! Because of their awesomeness I know have a decent grocery list of real, gluten-free food options for the next week or two.

I think one of the best places for any gluten-free newbie to start is at Gluten Free Easily’s Tip Sheet Page. It is an insanely helpful list of resources for anyone getting start to the world of gluten-free. My favorites include:

  • Top 20 Things You Should Know About Gluten
  • 50+ GF Foods You Can Eat Today
  • 50+ Meals That Are gfe
  • 50+ gfe Sweet Treats
  • The gfe Pantry

Here are some of the other blogs I checked out (or want to check out soon) and recommend for anyone else on their real food, gluten-free quests.

The Celiac Family

Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom

The Gluten Free Chef (in particular the gluten free flours page)

Simply Sugar & Gluten Free

Easy to be Gluten Free

Gluten Free Goodness

Harris Whole Health

Gluten Free Easily

The Gluten Free Homemaker

Live Free, Gluten Free

Gluten Free on a Shoestring

The Spunky Coconut

Celiac Teen

The local Wal-Mart is our one and only destination tonight for shopping. Hopefully, I’ll find the things on my list there. I’ll post after our shopping trip to see what I found and how much damage the trip did to ye ol’ checking account.

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2 Comments on “Gluten-Free: Where to Begin?!”

  1. Carrie says:

    Thanks for all the resources! I’ve recently self-diagnosed myself after YEARS of having various issues. Doctors were absolutely no help and it wasn’t until I started to have serious stomach pain and even worse digestion issues that I went to Dr. Google. All the GF info I came across sounded A LOT like me. I also came across the book, “Wheat Belly,” and I haven’t finished it yet, it has made me a believer that wheat isn’t good for us! (I’m not here pushing the book; I promise! I have a book blog and I’ll link my post about my short journey there.) I went off of wheat and I feel a whole lot better. I relapsed, felt horrible, and went right back off wheat. Once I got it out of my system, I felt, and feel, so much better.

    Bookmarking your site and subscribing through my reader.

  2. Kirsten says:

    Great work! A lot of people who aren’t familiar with gluten-free don’t realize that it can “hide” in a lot of things (for example, nearly every can of Campbell’s soup, soy sauce, and a variety of food industry ingredient names). A large portion of my family is gluten-free at this point, because a lot of us have wheat allergy (medically documented). And I know that it can be quite an adjustment at first… I’ve found that there’s some good gluten-free pasta out there, when there’s a pasta craving… And there’s a lot of great recipes out there that are gluten-free, especially if you are willing to branch out into favorites from other countries and cultures that don’t use as much wheat in their cooking. A lot of packaged gluten-free foods have a lot of sugars (sugar, rice, potato, tapioca, etc.)… but if you’re working from recipes, I think that you’ll find that gluten-free can be really healthy and tasty… One of my favorite things right now is buckwheat pancakes (buckwheat, eggs, baking soda, water and whatever “additions” are desired) — they are a bit “heavier” in flavor and weight than regular wheat pancakes, but they fluff up nicely. Also, almond flour can be good for making nice little “treats”. Elana’s Pantry ( is a great site for figuring out how to make treats — they won’t be exactly like the originals, but I have found the recipes that I’ve tried to be tasty none-the-less…

    P.S. It sounds like IGG allergies (rather than IGE, which are anaphylactic). I have IGG allergies to 32 foods… and the good news is that the kids can “grow out” of it eventually (so can adults). With an IGG allergy, if you avoid the food for a long time, the body may eventually forget the allergy (kindof like you have to have a tetanus show re-done every 7 years because the body “forgets” to produce antibodies for it). Just watch out for new sensitivities — if someone is sensitive to food, they can develop a new sensitivity, most often to things that they are exposed to every day. They are starting to link a variety of health problems to prolonged food allergy… so there might be a lot of health benefits to taking the wheat out of their diet for as long as they are still reacting to it… Getting off the allergy foods has been great for my long-term health recovery thus far. Once you get used to gluten-free, it will probably become almost second nature to eat that way…

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